Opticians Association of Rhode Island

OARI History

Noteworthy Legislative Achievements:

• 1982: Established a separate opticianry board within the Department of Health, independent of optometric rule.

• 1998: Further advanced the profession by requiring a two year mandatory ophthalmic science degree.

• 2007: Separated opticianry rules and regulations from the rules of optometry

• 2007: Passed Law to give opticians the ability to change add powers in spectacle Rxs. Strengthened eyewear duplication language.

• 2011: Eliminated the one year apprenticeship requirement for licensing.

• 2012:  Established first annual college scholarship award to a CCRI opticianry student.

  • 2018: Name changed to:   Opticians Association of Rhode Island
  • 2020: OARI becomes a 501 (c) (6) non-profit Association